About us

About Us


Alternative Photonics is about empowerment through science and technology.  From horticulture to PV solar, we are involved in sciences that help people live better life styles and reduce their impact on the planet. Products and services range from methods of reducing energy and water bills to sales of bio-diverse plants for home food production.

Raspberry Pi and Disruptive Technology

The Raspberry Pi computer represents a major opportunity for hands-on computer technology, coding and education. We will be applying our computer skills (which dates back to punch cards) to projects based on Raspberry Pi as well as training and consultation.

“Knowledge is power”
We work within our community to deliver the information, knowledge and the sheer enthusiasm needed to empower. With a diverse skill set, we are able to provide knowledge on most aspects of sustainable living and deliver in an inclusive way.

Our products, training, consulting and talks are partially relevant to today’s social issues:

  • CO reduction – We promote energy reduction,  off-grid micro-generation and plant photosynthesis to reduce carbon dioxide.
  • Aging Population – Our sustainable, low income life style, development of Micro-enterprises, and use of computers for social media and life long learning is entirely consistent with providing a high quality of life for people in retirement.
  • Economic Recession and Regeneration – Our approach in establishing micro-enterprises with low start up cost is transferable to people on low incomes in areas of economic deprivation and we believe is a stimulus to regeneration.
  • Food security and obesity – Our “grow your own”, “cook your own” approach along with instilling a passion for food,  is one key to combating obesity and ensuring good nutrition.
  •  Employment opportunities for young people – We are STEM ambassadors and work with young people entering the employment market to promote careers in science and technology.


Dawn Allen is an enthusiastic horticulturalist. She has experience running small holdings and keeping livestock and well as an in depth knowledge of plants, and propagation. She has owned and run internet based businesses and is keen to see social networking used in community engagement.


07711 071357


Mark Wrigley is a physics graduate who has spent most of his career in the mobile phone industry. He has a background in optics and lighting as well as a life long interest in photography. Mark is a member of the Institute of Physics and is also holds a Licentiateship with the Royal Photographic Society.


07860 625304

Alternative Photonics is based in Deepcar, Sheffield, UK.

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