Digital Disruptor


Alternative-Photonics is a company established by Mark Wrigley to promote his science and technology interests. More than ever, our every day lives are touched by technological change and digital disruption. Alternative-Photonics aims to help people benefit from these changes.

Throughout his career, Mark has been at the forefront of digital change, he was instrumental in delivering the first digital mobile phone to market and managed products which allowed mobile data and internet. He wants show that digital disruption is an ongoing process of innovation and something to be embraced.

Alternative Photonics products and services include:-

  • Organising and presenting at science and maker events (outreach).
  • The use of social media, including crowd funding, to promote science and small business.
  • Developing products for the home scientist and maker.
  • Presenting talks on science, disruptive technology and small business start up.
  • Photographic and video services.
  • Techno Archeology and retro-computing




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