About Alternative-Photonics


Alternative-Photonics promotes the application of physics (especially photonics) to enterprise and small businesses. Established in 2011 as the sole trading company of Mark Wrigley, it provides consultancy services, training and crowd funded projects.

Mark is a physicist who has spent most of his working life in commercial roles such as Product Management and Technical Marketing where he has promoted and implemented the productisation of new and often disruptive technologies. He has seen the transition of new technologies from research to industry from both sides and worked to deliver them as viable, profitable products to customers’ expectations. He is also expert at communicating science and technology to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Now semi-retired, Mark is able to offers his experience to others, both on a commercial basis and voluntarily within the community. He is active in promoting physics on behalf of the Institute of Physics (IOP) as Yorkshire Committee Member responsible for outreach. He is a member of IOP Council and also sits on their Resources Committee.

His interests include start-ups, crowd funding and the role of the Maker movement in science and enterprise.


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